The passion for spa and wellness engineering has always been our motivation. Since the foundation in 1944, our company has experienced a rapid and steady development. From market leader for design sauna heaters, EOS has developed into the luxury brand for spa and wellness hardware for private and commercial use with a large range of sauna heaters, infrared and steam room equipment, the corresponding control units and a wide range of accessories.

Passion for spa and wellness engineering is deeply rooted at EOS and can be felt in each of our products. An EOS product arouses desire and forms the basis for a place of relaxation. EOS products convey pure elegance and luxury. They combine aesthetics, quality and functionality in equal measure.

However, the focus of our activities has always been the idea to realize high-quality spa and wellness hardware with which wellness oases can be equipped to meet the highest demands.

EOS products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide. They are the result of intensive engineering, the use of highest quality materials and the most careful manufacturing. We focus on the combination of modern production facilities and elaborate craftsmanship.

Our products are manufactured exclusively in our manufactory and company site in Driedorf, Germany. On site we have the opportunity to expand the know-how of our employees over the long term, thus permanently manifesting the highest level of quality. It is therefore a standard procedure that each individual product is subjected to extensive tests before delivery. Our products impress with maximum durability and contribute to a unique sense of well-being through the combination of functionality and design.