Manufacturer’s Warranty Statement, EOS Superior-Sauna heaters

Manufacturer's Warranty

The warranty period starts with the date of the product registration through the end customer at EOS Saunatechnik GmbH. Registration must be completed within three months after the date of purchase. The extended manufacturer‘s warranty in such case is 8 years by private use only. Otherwise the usual manufacturer’s warranty as per terms and conditions of trade of EOS Saunatechnik GmbH applies.

The warranty conditions and scope are, except the duration, as per standard manufacturer’s warranty.

A manufacturer’s warranty service will only be executed if

  • the product and its owner are registered with EOS Saunatechnik GmbH.
  • the assembly, commissioning and long-term operation of our products have been carried out professionally and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications (see installation and operating instructions).
  • the original purchase receipt of the product is presented.
  • proof that the electrical connection has been carried out by a qualified electrician can be provided.
  • the warranty claim is sent to our service department together with the device designation, the item number, the serial number and a significant description of the error and an RMA number has been assigned there for the process.

A manufacturer’s warranty service will not be executed if

  • changes have been made to our products without our written consent.
  • defects were caused a result of improper use and gross intent.
  • no original EOS spare parts were used within the warranty period.
  • the product is not exclusively used for private purposes.

Any warranty claim is void if the original type plate has been altered, replaced, removed, defaced or manipulated in any other way.

Register now and receive an extended warranty.

Register your EOS product within three months after the date of purchase (as stated on the invoice) and benefit from an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty on our EOS Superior-Sauna heaters.

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